Last Light

“Woah!” said Summit, as he focused his eyes on what he was seeing through the telescope, “Come look at this!” Dimity shuffled over to the eyepiece and went “Wow! That’s a habitat! Moving right over the Moon!” She yielded the eyepiece to him so he … Continue readingLast Light

Idle Geopolitics

No doubt prompted by the ongoing war scare between Russia and Ukraine, I’ve been idly thinking about geopolitics, alternate histories, possible futures, borderline utopian visions. And about aspects of discourse that have long bugged me, such as how “Europe” as a geopolitical entity is very … Continue readingIdle Geopolitics

My Dream Car

What would be the ideal car for me? If I became super-rich, one thing I’d like to do is custom-build my own car from the ground-up. First of all, it would have to be a convertible; I love feeling the wind and the air on … Continue readingMy Dream Car