The Dream

Freedom, Passion, Reason. The freedom of the individual to shape his own destiny, the passion to live life well, the reason to discover the secrets of the universe. Without compromise. That is the vision at the heart of everything Adamas Nemesis.


Society, history, politics, economics, aesthetics, investing, philosophy, science, technology, the depths of the past, the uncharted reaches of the far future, and beyond. Drinking in the rich world around us, letting intuition and thought guide me ever closer to truth, is perhaps my most overarching passion in life, a passion I intend to share with the universe.


Bringing to life the futuristic, science-fictional, and alternate-historical visions in my head is a long-held dream of mine. Though in my heart I aspire to their cinematic realization, for the nonce I am putting my enjoyment of writing to good use. As of September 2021 I have released one short story, one novella, and seven novels, with more on the way.


Driven by a need for beauty, I appreciate and share art, but also make art of my own; in addition to the occasional oil painting, I have gotten into digital art, striving to paint at least one piece a day ever since April 2021, which I post to Twitter and Mastodon. Beyond painting, I adore the fine arts and the performing arts, in my offline life pursuing my passion for ballroom dancing.


Spreading my thoughts, ideas, creations, and perspectives on not just a forgotten nook of the Internet but on a wider and larger scale is among my highest priorities, becoming an influencer a dearly-held dream. With over 2000 followers on Twitter I’m arguably already a micro-influencer, but I aspire to become so much more than that.


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