Artista ex Machina?

Oh, what’s this? Microsoft Bing AI now includes a free “artificial-intelligence” image creator powered by DALL-E? “Sorry, mate, couldn’t resist”, to quote Jack Sparrow from “The Curse of the Black Pearl”. Hehe. Anyway, for the first time I’ve really sunk my teeth into playing around … Continue readingArtista ex Machina?

Nemesis Among the Machines

At LessWrong Virgil Kurkjian has a fascinating post, “Leto among the Machines”, analyzing Frank Herbert’s “Dune” chronicles, specifically its worldbuilding point of the Butlerian Jihad (the elimination of computers from human civilization), from a “rationalist” perspective, especially how the Butlerian Jihad makes perfect sense once … Continue readingNemesis Among the Machines