Degree Quest: Day 88

It was grueling, but as of yesterday, I completed my tasks for the MBA capstone, and as of today they were passed! It is all set: my application for graduation has been submitted, and I am a Master of Business Administration. Hooray! From when I first announced on here my intention to get a bachelor’s degree and then an MBA, it’s been a long journey, though much shorter than it would be normally due to the college I selected, Western Governors University, employing a “competency-based” model, which allows you to progress as fast as you can demonstrate understanding of the material in each course (think: testing out). Here are some milestones, as recapped in my blog posts:

  1. “So Much Fear and Doubt For So Small A Paper”; July 26, 2022 of last year, when I first announced the project on here and my motives for doing all this.
  2. “Degree Quest: Day 4”; August 7, 2022, where I announced I had gotten started with my classes at Sophia Learning (which I later transferred to WGU).
  3. “Degree Quest: Day 16”; August 20, 2022, when I had completed all the classes at Sophia I wished to transfer to WGU.
  4. “Degree Quest: The Second Leg Looms”; September 30, 2022, when I reflected on getting admitted into and starting at WGU.
  5. “Degree Quest: Day 33”; October 18, 2022, where I reflected on my progress in my WGU classes.
  6. “Degree Quest: Day 58”; November 13, 2022, where I announced my completion of my bachelor’s degree at WGU.
  7. “Degree Quest: Day 66”; April 11, 2023, where I announced I had begun my MBA program.
  8. “Degree Quest: Day 74”; April 18, 2023, where I gave an update on my progress in my MBA program.
  9. “Degree Quest: Day 84”; April 29, 2023, where I reflected upon being so close to achieving my ultimate goal: becoming an MBA.

And now I am one! Wow. My day count is just 88, despite it having taken me 9 months total, because I had stints where I was not enrolled in a program and not working; first after my Sophia courses and before I entered WGU for undergrad, and second between undergrad and when WGU would let me begin my MBA. I just count days where I was actually working.

I honestly have little to add other than linking to my previous posts detailing my thoughts on the subject. It was a slog, but I’m glad it’s over, and I’m glad I’ve now at long last earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. I have now officially joined the advanced-degree club. Yay me!

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