Justice for Lockdown

I haven’t written about lockdowns, mandates, and the police state for a while, so you might get the impression I’ve moved on, or forgiven and forgotten like the vast majority of even “dissidents” seem to have; well, if that’s the case you couldn’t be more wrong: I don’t forgive, and I don’t forget. My pen name, “Adamas Nemesis”, i.e. adamant divine retribution, was not chosen at random…

Recently I’ve been ruminating a bit on how even among those opponents of lockdown policies, pandemic restrictions, and vaccine mandates who don’t want to “forgive and forget”, it’s often thought that some new measure or another needs to be passed in order to ensure these crimes are not committed against us again. I’d like to point out that we don’t really need any new measures.

Consider: lockdown is false imprisonment, which is already a felony; forcibly injecting a foreign substance into another’s body against their will is forcible rape, which is already a felony; using violence and threats of violence to shutter someone’s business and deprive them of their livelihood is theft, which is already a felony; and so on and so forth. These policies resulted in fatalities, which were deliberate and premeditated, which could be construed as at least manslaughter, if not outright murder; which is already a felony, and possibly even a capital offense.

That last one might be a bit of a stretch, but certainly not the previous ones. There is no legal precedent to support any of these behaviors as being some necessary or even traditional evil of governance; these behaviors from time immemorial have been considered by the law to be common crimes of a felonious character. Therefore, there is no need to enact any new measures; merely enforcing existing law could effect a full-scale and comprehensive purge of everyone who committed, enforced, and conspired to commit lockdown policies and the associated restrictions and mandates.

There’s literally enough on these people, just the crimes they bragged about committing right out in the open that could be proven in court beyond a shadow of a doubt, to lock up every single one of them in prison for the rest of their lives; just about everyone who held a scintilla of power in government (and even, in the case of co-conspirators, those who held power outside the government) could be removed from society and severely punished.

Which is what justice demands. However, there’s one wrinkle: our ruling class have arrogated to themselves, and our society has eagerly affirmed, the principle that they are above the law; that laws, even against common crimes that have always been considered heinous felonies, don’t apply to them, as long as they do it under the banner of the almighty state.

Well, that needs to end, or else we’re never going to see the end of this criminal behavior; after 9/11 we saw crimes against peace being committed that literally slaughtered millions of people (the Iraq War), and torture be committed from the highest levels on down to the lowest officers, all of which are heinous felonies. Torture, in particular, that results in the death of a prisoner carries the death penalty, per the War Crimes Act of 1996. If we as a society had the slightest interest in enforcing even the most basic and rudimentary laws of civilized life, everyone involved from President George W. Bush to young officer Ron DeSantis (yes, he was literally at Guantanamo Bay torturing people at the time; look it up) would have been tried, convicted, and executed 20 years ago when all the news of this came out. Instead, they walk freely, not even suffering the slightest consequences to their careers, let alone their freedoms

This, in turn, has emboldened the criminals infesting our government and all our social institutions to commit even worse offenses; lockdown is the direct result of the mercy shown by Barack Obama in 2009 when he said of the torturers and war criminals: “look forward, not backward”. Which is code for: “hey, people with power and privilege: laws don’t apply to you and you can commit any crime you please against anybody with total impunity from even the slightest consequences”. Barack Obama himself soon set a new frontier of depravity by openly murdering American citizens by presidential decree, sans the slightest pretense of due process; nobody ever made him or any of his criminal co-conspirators suffer any consequences for that either, despite the fact that such an offense by law carries the death penalty.

Really, if we enforced the law as it’s written on the paper against the ruling class even a hundredth as strictly as it’s enforced against people like me, it would be perceived as a rupture in “our democracy”, the second coming of the Reign of Terror. Truth is, it would only go part of the way toward rectifying the injury that has been done to not only the people they have victimized but the fabric of our society and our institutions of government.

Nevertheless, enforcing existing laws against criminals in power would be a good start toward achieving justice, and this may be done through the existing legal process (fair trials, due process, etc., which it should be noted is far better treatment than what they think people like me are entitled to, if Obama’s position that American citizens may be freely killed without due process is any indication).

If I had the power, I would order the commencement of prosecutions immediately, against all these people. Because the truth is, when you’re dealing with heinous criminals bereft of a conscience or even one shred of awareness of objective reality other than the sensations of power and sadistic pleasure, you will never see the end of them until you make them suffer consequences for misbehavior and make an example of them.

If we’re being totally frank, I believe that if justice is not done against the lockdown cult, which means at the very least a full-scale purge of these people from any position of power and authority (e.g. indefinite lustration), they’ll come back for more and worse crimes against us next, just like they did with lockdown after they were granted impunity for their post-9/11 crimes. Given the level of depravity that was committed during the pandemic, the only escalation left when their sadistic appetites compel them to commit another crime wave is full-on extermination, a la the Khmer Rouge, and once that happens we run a very serious risk of not having a country left to save by the end of it.

Justice is necessary. Justice is possible. Even without passing any new laws. All we need is the will on the part of those in power to make it happen.

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