Donald Trump is Disqualified

Looking through my archive of photos I find this gem that all of Donald Trump’s cultists think I’m under some obligation to forgive or forget:

Right there in black and white. Donald Trump willfully and deliberately plastered his name all over these guidelines…

Well, if you’re considering supporting Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election and you care about your own future (not just the future of your country, mind you: your own future), behold this mailer: your own man was in lockstep with lockdown.

This mailer was received by me on March 25, 2020 and is dated March 16, 2020 (why, in a “national emergency”, it’s fine and dandy for the Post Office to take nine days to send a mailer about it is left as an exercise for the reader).

Let’s look at what Donald Trump told us to do when his voice mattered: “Listen and follow the directions of your state and local authorities”. The same ones who made it a criminal offense for me to go to a dance lesson? What’s his excuse?

“If you’re an older person, stay home”. Translation: lockdown. What’s his excuse?

“Avoid social gatherings in groups of more than 10 people”. Translation: lockdown. What’s his excuse?

“Avoid bars or restaurants”. Translation: lockdown. What’s his excuse?

“Avoid discretionary travel”. That’s the essence of lockdown. What’s his excuse?

“Even if you are young, or otherwise healthy […] your activities can increase the risk for others”. This is Donald Trump echoing almost word-for-word everyone who said I was murdering grandmothers if I dared to go to a dance lesson or attended a party.

What is Trump’s excuse for this behavior? None. There is no excuse. A small child has enough of a conscience and enough awareness of the world to know this behavior is wrong. Donald Trump is guilty.

His supporters all say to me “he made a mistake!”. Look: even Trump’s not stupid enough to make a “mistake” like that, and frankly, people who make “mistakes” like that don’t deserve to be president.

When it comes to people who hold positions of power and authority we need to select those who do the right thing the first time, when their voice and their choice matters. Not after the fact when they won’t take any heat for it.

But for the sake of argument, let’s grant Trump’s personality cultists their excuse. Let’s say he made a mistake. Is he sorry for it? Has Donald Trump offered even the barest shred of recompense for what he did to me and the innocent people of this country?

He literally ruined our lives and imposed the destruction of society itself. Surely if you realize you did such a thing and it was wrong that would mandate some sort of amends, would it not?

But what do we hear from the Orange One? Crickets, that’s what! We’ve never even been offered an apology by Donald Trump, let alone the barest shred of willingness to suffer the slightest consequences for his misdeeds.

Is that who you want to be the leader of your country for the next four years? If you pretend to be against lockdown, how can you live with yourself for making such a decision? Donald Trump has disqualified himself from ever holding office again. In 2024, vote accordingly.

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