The Real Red Pill?

Rarely is the question asked: why, in all the annals of “red pill” material you’ll find online, among all the influencers of masculinity, is it so rare to advise struggling men who aren’t naturals at being an alpha Chad or whatever to hire escorts and take anabolic steroids?

It might seem like a strange question to ask, but think about it this way: what’s the end goal of those who follow “the red pill”? As near as I can make out, it seems to be to:

  1. Have sex and enjoy companionship with beautiful, high-class, intelligent women
  2. Maximize one’s own sex appeal, physical strength, and masculinity

To that end, the usual advice given to men by “red-pilled” influencers is two-pronged: firstly, to learn various techniques (sometimes dubbed “game”) so you can pick up and seduce the women you see around you you might want to take to bed, and secondly, to go the gym and lift, so you can cut the fat, build strength, and get a good physique characterized by big muscles.

This honestly isn’t bad advice, at least at an abstract high level (the low-level specifics they recommend are often godawful, but let’s leave that aside for now). Making a point of being in the social scenes where the women you desire tend to congregate and cultivating good social skills, including those required to smoothly escalate the interaction into the realm of the sexual, will go a long way in dating. Women do like lean, muscular men; not typically to competitive bodybuilder extremes, but the sort of body the leading men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe possess is a good benchmark for what gives the most hots to the most women.

What does “Game” really get You?

But where it starts to fall apart is looking at the effort versus the reward. Let’s say you “learn game” successfully. Unless you’re in the tippy-top minority of men on the attractiveness scale, even with “game” you’re really going to have to work to get the women around you to agree to sex, or even a date. As I’ve pointed out in my previous posts, people have less sex partners than is often supposed; much less.

Now, few men really try to improve themselves with the object of taking women to bed with them, so if you do you might have an eminent chance of doing better than average, but even so the statistics are stark: the average men scores a new woman perhaps once every three years! Only one in four men so much as score one new woman a year. A year!

It’s rare to even reach the point where you’re getting one new sex partner a month. If you’re trying to find a “relationship”, then sure, this pace might suffice to get regular sex with somebody, but a big part of the red pill mythos is cultivating abundance, i.e. the ability to have casual sex often, not just clinging to a relationship lest you be plunged back into involuntary celibacy like average men have to. Even one hot date a month really isn’t that often, and even this pace is matched only by relative elites.

Worse yet, what is the quality of the women you’re getting in this scenario? Probably average at best. If you’re like the vast majority of men on the attractiveness scale, your advances will likely be rejected the vast majority of the time, and disproportionately rejected by the best-looking and most attractive women, i.e. the women who have options better than you’ll ever be. Your chance, therefore, of regularly scoring a woman who’s actually all that attractive is really slim in any given month.

And keep in mind, for any tryst to be truly satisfactory or fulfilling, you’ll need to be scoring women who are well above average. Don’t believe me? Then go into a bar or (better yet) out on the street in any major city and take a look at the young women: if we’re being honest, most of them don’t look all that great. Is that what you’re self-improving yourself for so hard? The chance to take an average member of that population home with you? The reward doesn’t seem commensurate with the effort. Almost nobody, even in the most dissident of red-pilled spaces, ever talks about this.

Lifting: hard Work is not Enough

Even fewer talk about the truth behind this “go to the gym and lift” concept. While I’m all for cultivating physical fitness and the body beautiful, the fact is that building muscles in the gym is hard work, and it takes a long time. Worse yet, if you don’t make dieting and training your whole life like a bodybuilder does, you’re going to see only modest results; yes, you might be lean and toned, but even after many years of regular lifting at the gym and god-knows-how-many hours of hard labor where you could have been doing something else, that’s all you get? To most women your body will look nice, but you’re not going to be very impressive.

To really get the sort of results where you wouldn’t look out of place in a Marvel movie, where women will really notice you, you’ll need to basically make training your whole life. That takes hours a day and a huge amount of discipline. It’s possible; people have done it with dieting and gym work alone. But subtract the amount of time that you’re probably working on the job (you know, the one that pays your bills), and you have very little left for anything else…like taking the huge amount of time out of your evenings needed to “game” all these women. Oops.

Well…there’s another way. Namely, the method that the actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe actually use: anabolic steroids. No competitive bodybuilder gets those hulking huge inhuman physiques naturally; they devote their life to training and take steroids. Hollywood actors and fitness influencers typically make unflinching use of these drugs while undergoing a rather ordinary training program that doesn’t take up their whole life. That way, you end up with a top-tier naturally-attainable physique, but with much less work (and time!) than it takes to achieve naturally, the best happy medium if physical attractiveness is what you’re going for.

As I outline in another post, anabolic steroids are about the only way most men will ever achieve a top-tier natural-looking body. And more to the point: if your objective is to achieve such a body, why not take performance-enhancing drugs and save yourself the toil?

Chances are, if there’s some influencer (red-pilled or otherwise) who has a physique you admire, that’s how they really achieved it: hard work, yes, but only in moderation, combined with performance-enhancing drugs. As I’ve written before, there are almost certainly more natural-seeming physiques that have been achieved with the help of drugs than were built up au naturel:

So it is with building a muscular physique, even what to all outward appearances is a normal naturally-achievable one. Most research on the subject agrees that the lifetime prevalence of anabolic steroid use among males is around 1 in 20 (this is a typical source). Not 1 in 20 bodybuilders, mind you; 1 in 20 of the whole male population! Sure, this is lifetime prevalence, not the amount on them at any given time, but the rub is you tend to keep the muscle you build when on-cycle, so those former users are still reaping the benefits of that enhancement. 1 in 20 is enough to suggest that there are more natural-seeming good physiques attained by anabolic steroids than there are actual natural good physiques! Consider: after you subtract the fat blobs, the stick-thin, and the steroid users you’re left with a very small slice of the male population who have a normal muscular physique and achieved it by all-natural means.

Funny how the top red-pill influencers and this cloud of online advice telling you to “lift, lift, lift!” never tell you about that part: performance-enhancing drugs. Well, the bodybuilding scene does, but that’s only vaguely adjacent to “the red pill”. Those who represent themselves as the avatars of masculinity to whole generations of young men desperately seeking a way out of the Matrix never tell them “son, hop on a cycle of testosterone!”.

This is even weirder when one considers that a preoccupation of the manopshere is the secular decline in testosterone levels, often ascribed to contamination from the environment, the xenoestrogens or whatever; they all hold that this is feminizing men and sapping them of their masculinity. Personally I think there’s a lot of truth in this. But why, then, is no attention paid to the possibility of just feeding these men more testosterone and anabolic steroids to redress that balance and counteract this insidious plot by the New World Order to feminize all of us or whatever they claim it is? Why this “learn game and go lift” nonsense?

Well, one reason might be that testosterone, and even some of the less-natural anabolic steroids, are very cheap as far as drugs go. Perhaps there’s not much profit to be made in that. At least, not compared to the grift of selling course after course and membership after membership that promises to tell you the secrets of becoming the ultimate alpha Chad.

…And to be honest if that’s your objective hormones like testosterone are probably the best tool we have in the box; don’t even bother with what the Andrew Tates of the world are peddling.

Now, that might seem an inflammatory accusation of “cheating”, but rest assured: that’s the secret to how all these people who look and seem so masculine and jacked got that way. Well…aside from their genetics, but there’s nothing you can do to change that. If you’ve been grinding away at it au naturel and feel so bad because you just don’t have the physique all the guys on Instagram have, then don’t, for you have the answer right here on this blog: the piece you’re missing is a vial in your medicine cabinet.

Put away the Red Pill and take out your Wallet…

And all these beautiful women these red-pill influencers have on their arms in their yachts or some such? They didn’t pick them up in the grind of socializing with women “in real life” or on dating apps: they’re all paid. For their time, if not for sex directly. Paid. With cold hard cash.

Just like these ripped physiques, realistically the vast majority of men are never going to organically meet beautiful high-class women as they live their life; for all but the most elite men, even if you make a specific effort, the chances of even seeing one are relatively low, let alone successfully persuading one to go out on a date with you, let alone successfully having sex with one…and especially going out on dates with and having sex with an abundance of such women regularly. Even for social elites born and bred on their level clearing that bar is a tough proposition. If you’re anything like the vast majority of men? Forget it. It’s never going to happen.

Unless you employ the cheat code of opening up your wallet. In dating money is the lubricant by which a man in one league can move upward, as far up as his heart desires. Much of the time this is expressed indirectly, as is famously the case with trophy wives, as well as the more common case of women who might not think much of you when they first see you but suddenly become much more enthusiastic about your advances when they see your nice car, your expensive watch, how big your wallet is, or some such. But when it’s expressed directly, we’re entering the realm of “sex work”, if not outright prostitution.

Realistically, the vast majority of men are never going to score the sort of beautiful women these red-pill influencers show off on their yachts through organic socializing no matter how hard they work at lifting weights and gaming girls. But if they contact a reputable high-class escort agency and are willing to part with a few hundred dollars, they can spend an hour with such a person tonight, pleasant companionship and hot sex guaranteed.

So why doesn’t “the red pill” advise men to just focus on making money and hiring these escort girls? Well, maybe because there’s far less profit to be made in that than in stringing them along with course after course on “game”. But when you think about it it’s by far the most effective way to get what those who have swallowed the red pill claim to want: high-quality women, in abundance, with no commitment and no mind games.

It gets expensive, sure, but so does dating the sort of women who the red pill claims its tenets provide access to, with the latter providing no guarantees and an array of greater risks, so the analysis as to whether you come out further ahead with “free” dates or “paid” ones is rather ambiguous in its conclusions.

The strongest argument against just seeing escorts is that you only have to pick a woman out of a catalog and she’s delivered to you on a silver platter, which doesn’t satisfy the (surprisingly numerous!) men who primarily value the thrill of the chase, the hunt for a woman who will validate you by having sex for free (well, it’s never really free, but the obfuscation of the exchange does something for them regardless). If that describes you, then don’t bother with prostitution.

But it seems that an awful lot of men who have swallowed the red pill, and an even larger proportion who have swallowed the black pill, just want women. The chase wounds, rather than salves, their psyche, and rather than offer an actual solution, like “hire yourself an escort!”, the influencers and advice-givers alternately ignore them and exploit them. Sad.

Is this the real Red Pill?

So is taking steroids and hiring escorts the most red-pilled move of them all? I’m not the first to say so; isolated examples touting steroids and recommending escorts do exist online, but it’s honestly puzzling how this advice isn’t much more widespread.

Yes, both taking anabolic steroids and paying people for sex are generally illegal in the United States as well as a lot of other countries, but that doesn’t stop the bodybuilding community and the “hobbyist” community from recommending drugs and hookers, respectively, on their websites. They just don’t intersect much with the “cultivate masculinity and succeed with women to escape the matrix!” crowd.

Even the “passport bro” inclined section of the new “masculinity” movement largely ignore these concepts, even though there are quite a few countries where anabolic steroids are legal and available over-the-counter, and also quite a few countries where prostitution is fully legal.

If even a United States citizen wanted to put these principles into action he need not break any laws! Yes, there’s travel expenses, but $1000 round trip to Amsterdam (for example) isn’t exactly a showstopper expense when you’re probably going to be spending at least $1000 on the girls anyway (not to mention the chance to make a fun vacation out of the trip!). And besides, you could use the time you save from not trying to get average-looking girls to have casual sex with you to do something that makes you money, so you might even come out ahead financially!


These are the sort of “cheat codes” that rich and high-status people are actually using to get ahead and stay ahead in life. They’re not getting jacked and pulling girls the way that average men do, and they’re certainly not using the sort of techniques peddled by these “red-pilled” grifters; if you want to take a real red pill, then just look at what making a lot of money and the unflinching embrace of performance-enhancing drugs can get you (hint: the latter can help with the former too…). In sex, beauty, and the game of life in general, that’s a much more fruitful place to look than where any of these cursed “pills” lead their followers…

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