Wings of Fire

Step by tentative step, Lothar Brandt descended the ladder, his comrade Vera Petrenka following right behind; their visages in crisp living color, their voices coming through as clearly as if they were on the other side of the room from all the billions of people … Continue readingWings of Fire

Ready for Rapunzel

I don’t belabor the point, but the truth is 20th and 21st century of my alternate-history science-fiction space-opera universe is in large measure a family saga of the Reinhardts, heirs of the inventor of the microchip and his fortune. Recently I’ve been brainstorming a new … Continue readingReady for Rapunzel

Last Light

“Woah!” said Summit, as he focused his eyes on what he was seeing through the telescope, “Come look at this!” Dimity shuffled over to the eyepiece and went “Wow! That’s a habitat! Moving right over the Moon!” She yielded the eyepiece to him so he … Continue readingLast Light