Ready for Writing Something Not So Different

Well, I know I laid out so many ambitious plans in my previous post, “Ready to Write Something Different”, but when the time came to actually try out all that stuff it just made me feel sick, overwrought, overworked, and inadequate: it was not enjoyable, and since personal enjoyment is what keeps me writing, I decided to scrap all of it. The new techniques, not the story I was going to tell with them: instead I just did the story my usual way, in this case a mostly expository and reflective third-person narration.

So into the flow I got that in just two days I ended up with a 4600 word short story covering all the events and points I had in mind for “Ready for Rapunzel”, in quite satisfactory fashion I think. I still might have a few finishing touches to put on it, but when the time comes I’ll post it to my blog, perhaps, for a variety of reasons, omitting the step of packaging it for Amazon, as I outlined in my post on the story.

You might not be seeing it for a while, since in the interim, between when I gave up the ghost of those ambitions and when I started working on my Rapunzel Reinhardt short story, I wrote a whole ‘nother short story! 2100 words worth of adorable darlings of the far future atmospherically prancing about like in my painting “Girls’ Night Out” (now available as not only a print but also a one-of-a-kind NFT). Indeed, they are supposed to be one and the same as the two girls in that picture!

My first adaptation of one of my visual artworks, and I honestly like how it came out better than my Rapunzel Reinhardt short story, though the latter is a nifty piece of the worldbuilding puzzle. Kinda interesting, really, since I first included the Reinhardt family saga in my novel “The Hunt for Count Gleichen’s Treasure”, and then with two short stories expanded it into the past with “Ten Weeks at Onigaminsing” and now into the future with “Ready for Rapunzel”.

Anyway, now that I have two short stories in my back pocket, I don’t think I’ll release them immediately. Recently I’ve been settling into a monthly cadence, and since I already published “Ten Weeks at Onigaminsing” on April 10, I think I’ll release “Girls’ Night Out” for May, and hold back “Ready for Rapunzel” until June.

Which means I need not write again until July! Hehe. But realistically I’ll probably home in on some idea or another before then. My idea for a series of vignettes chronicling the evolution of Earth and man in the extremely far future? Maybe.

Anyway, I just thought I’d like to give all of you a little update on what I’m doing, what I’ve got, and what I’m thinking.

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