Emerald Nebula

emerald nebula

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This is my new oil-on-canvas painting, “Emerald Nebula”, showing a cluster of bright white stars amid a green nebula, streamers of shimmering stars and glowing gas lighting up the black sky of space in this region. Very lucky are any colonists or natives that can drink in such a view every day.

I got the idea for this painting from seeing the emerald nebula and star cluster in my previous piece, “Through the Looking Glass”. The stars and the green nebula streaming out from the center of the cluster looked so beautiful I thought it might be very pretty to take up the whole canvas with such a nebula instead of just a circular portion of it viewed through a wormhole.

And to be truthful in both “Through the Looking Glass” and “Emerald Nebula” I wanted to put some of my green oil paint to work! In all my previous paintings I had used plenty of blues, reds, oranges, whites, browns, and yellows, but never any green. My poor green oil paints sat unused for so long, I thought I’d give them a try, and I hope you agree with me that the results have been very pretty!

One goal I’ve set for myself for 2021 is to paint and release at least one oil painting every month of the year, and this piece fulfills April’s part of achieving that goal. I suspect I might paint some more by the end of this month, though, so keep an eye out on this website, Mastodon, Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter for more!

In the meantime, immerse your eyes in the beauty of “Emerald Nebula”! Art prints, pillows, phone cases, clocks, spiral notebooks, hardcover journals, and more bearing the image of “Emerald Nebula” are available at my Redbubble shop. I hope you enjoy my painting!

Adamas Nemesis – “Emerald Nebula” (2021)

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