Fly me to the Moons

Fly me to the moons

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This is my most recent, indeed my very first, digital painting, “Fly me to the moons”, a science-fictional twilight cloudscape set on a planet with two moons in the sky close to each other, a large rocket taking off for orbit through the sky close to the viewer.

The view we’re seeing might be purely hypothetical, or it could just as easily be a denizen of or visitor to this world riding in a zeppelin or hot air balloon or perhaps looking out from an airplane, maybe precisely to see the big rocket, loosely akin to the superheavy rockets SpaceX has proposed for surface-to-orbit transportation, take off on its journey.

I think the atmosphere of the dark clouds and the two moons looming amid the starfield in the background, not to mention the colors, came off well, certainly much better than I expected. Krita, the program I’m using to make this art, is still easier to use than I thought; quite intuitive.

An interesting idea might be to make digital versions of some existing oil paintings I’ve made. “Emerald Nebula”, for instance, came off less than satisfactory with the starfield I thought with the oil paints, but as a digital image it might look much better. On the other hand, some other paintings like “Spaceplane approaching Neptune orbital sphere” probably look much better in oils than they would digitally. Of course there’s nothing stopping me from doing both oil and digital, and I think this is what I will in fact do.

As my first digital painting I think I might as well make this day one of my thirty-day challenge I’ve proposed for myself, to make at least one piece of digital art every day, even if it’s something as minimal as a vague outline; just to get in the habit of making digital art and to learn something. Well, if this one is any indication I think I might have a very satisfying month ahead for myself!

Art prints, tote bags, pillows, mousepads, and more with the image of this painting are available on Redbubble, if you’re impressed enough with the art to want to have it for yourself. I hope you like and enjoy it!

Fly me to the moons
Adamas Nemesis – “Fly me to the moons” (2021)

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