Daily Digital Painting for a Month: Challenge Complete!

I just realized that as of today I’ve completed my personal challenge to paint at least one digital painting every day for a month. Well, not exactly every day; I did miss doing it one day over the past month, but I made multiple digital paintings some days, so I’m still like 5 days ahead of the curve when it comes to my daily posting on Mastodon, Twitter, and Instagram.

The vast majority of my paintings are of outer space phenomena such as nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters. I’ve gotten into trying to paint people a little bit, but it still eludes me, and the last thing I need is frustration. Indeed, the vast majority of my paintings are completed inside of an hour, so it’s almost more like speed painting! That explains of course why most of my paintings aren’t very detailed. Nevertheless I hope that an artistic vision shines through.

I’ve delayed uploading all of my digital work to Redbubble, as going through that process every day would add unnecessary time, but now that I have completed my challenge I’m uploading all of my paintings there for anyone interested in buying a print of any of them to peruse: you can explore my shop by clicking here.

But before you go off to Redbubble, I’d like you to gaze upon the magnificence of dozens of digital paintings I’ve completed in the past month. I’ve never done anything like this before in visual art, and I’ve found it to be for the most part quite fun. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll keep up with the daily pace but you’ll definitely be seeing more from me in the future.

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