Courtesans and Drugs: All Things in Moderation?

“Hookers and blow” has long been a meme on the WallStreetBets subreddit, but there might be something to it. No, you shouldn’t hire sex workers so much it breaks the bank, and you especially shouldn’t snort so much cocaine you don’t know who you are anymore. Seriously: don’t do that. But the more I research online the more I become convinced there are legions of people out there whose lives would be much better with some paid companionship and a stimulant regimen than they are now with conventional dating and their “natural” energy levels.

Dating: the great Time Waster

More on the drugs later. As for the hookers, trawl any subreddit on dating or even articles on other mainstream websites. The broad sentiment is that dating is hard, but the really amazing part about dating is why anybody chooses to do it at all. I’m not talking about just meeting people; that’s all part of having a thriving social life. Rather, I’m speaking of dating as an activity in itself, dating for the sake of dating, dating qua dating; people who use online dating apps in particular spend hours each day on them, sinking huge mental and emotional labors into building profiles and techniques to connect with other users, usually either striking out altogether or getting some kind of subpar match. There is no other benefit to this activity other than the small chance they’ll find someone they really like, so when confronted with the reality that most people on there are…well, not so likeable, people get frustrated and depressed. Well, why wouldn’t they? It’s because they really are wasting their time!

Worse still is the additional waste of time that the conventional date is, being a coffee chat or some other venue where they wouldn’t consider going to were it not for dating as an activity in itself. Naturally when, in the vast majority of cases, the date doesn’t really go anywhere they feel like they’ve wasted their time, because that’s the truth: they have!

Date for the sake of Dating? You can do Better!

“But”, they might protest, “what’s the alternative?” The alternative is to have an active, thriving, and flourishing social life going out to venues where you do things you actually enjoy with other people (in my case that’s primarily dancing, but your passions may vary), and make efforts to meet new people there. That way even if your socializing doesn’t go anywhere at least you get some fun out of it. The same principles apply online as well, not just offline; Twitter, for example, is a great place to meet people organically over the Internet, but even if you don’t find anybody you still enjoyed using the website, so there’s really no loss. That leaves a person unable to get any dates feeling a lot better, which ironically makes them more attractive.

The actual dates you go on as well should be fun activities you’d like to do anyway, so even if the date itself is a dud you still have a good time. Again, this lifts mood and confidence, always a good thing. Put yourself out there, meet other people, and take the ones you fancy out to have fun with you. Don’t put any special effort into dating; it’s a tedious bore and a waste of time, offering an extremely low return on your investment.

Free Flings are the most Expensive

“But”, you might ask, “what if I want a fling with a hot girl and there aren’t any available where I socialize?” That’s what the big exception to the rule is for: courtesans, call girls, and escorts, i.e. directly paying for companionship. You just pick out a girl, negotiate terms up-front, and have a fun sexy time with her for however long you paid for. Far less time and labor is required than online dating, and on top of that the girls are prettier, better in bed, less nagging (they’ll never bother you after your date), and focused on your pleasure than the vast majority of conventional dates are.

The tradeoff, of course, is giving her the money, but to get a comparable girl the conventional way often takes about the same amount of money (!), on top of a lot more stress, a lot more effort, and a lot more time. Time that many people place zero value on, hence why they’re so miserable all the time, but e.g. independently wealthy people and highly-paid busy executives tend to know better, hence why ladies of the night have always been the upper class’s first resort when all they want is to date, ranging from the one-and-done hot night offered by a prostitute to the long-term emotional connection offered by a true courtesan.

The one thing that’s usually not on offer is marriage and children; interestingly, it seems meeting people through your social circle, the method I outlined above, is the upper class’s first resort to fill this role in their lives. Rich and successful people often don’t “date” at all; if they’re not paying for it, they just put themselves out there, meet people, and see how it goes. If you’re dissatisfied with your dating life maybe you could learn from them, rather than becoming a copycat of middle-class chumps.

Considering how much higher the return on investment is for the strategy of dating solely from organic socializing excepting paying for companionship, i.e. “hookers”, is it’s kinda shocking anybody bothers with conventional dating at all, at least as a dedicated activity.

Mass Lethargy and its Solutions

Another thing that honestly shocks me, and this brings us to the “blow” part of this post, is how many young men (and women!) are lethargic and don’t have much energy. Which seems to be a rising problem, and makes me wonder why the prescribing of pep pills, i.e. stimulants, isn’t much more mainstream than it actually is. A body of scientific research (admittedly sketchy but it is there) supports the hypothesis that this is being caused by a broad decline in testosterone levels over the generations, possibly from chemical contamination, cultural changes, or something else altogether. Testosterone gives you energy, so that would neatly explain the mass lethargy we’re seeing today.

When we think of stimulants and hormones we tend to think of cocaine addicts and steroid-addled bodybuilders, but these people take very high doses. Lower doses that fall in the therapeutic range, as this fascinating 2019 Palladium piece by Brian P. Hoover speculates are already being employed by many economic elites, won’t hurt you much and offer potentially tremendous benefits. In particular, testosterone supplementation (and, I might add, all the other classes of stimulants I’ve heard of) raises your risks of heart attacks when you’re very old, but it gives you enough energy to avoid many of the lifestyle choices common in middle and old age that lead to poor health, not to mention more drive to enjoy life today, so the net effect of low to moderate doses on one’s healthy lifespan is probably very positive!

Much of the lethargy-induced misery, sadness, and tiredness one reads about on places like Reddit comes from poor lifestyle choices, but to make the effort to change your lifestyle you need energy! The solution is as radical as it is obvious: just give them energy! Feed them a low to moderate dose of amphetamines or corticosteroids and they’ll get off their butts and start living life in no time. I’m sure a few imaginative doctors are supervising such treatments right now, but it’s not a mainstream therapy, so we leave millions behind to silently suffer in their mothers’ basements. That needs to change.

A Puzzle from “the Obesity Epidemic” Discourse

Interestingly, amphetamines are the only weight-loss drugs that are truly effective (well, DNP is another one, but it’s nastier, trickier, and peppier), and were actually widely used in the mid 20th century for just that purpose, only to be tabooed from the 1970s because they raised your risk of heart attacks. Well, it might not be a coincidence that we now have an “obesity epidemic”, and given the alleged grave cost of that, far worse than a few more heart attacks from people who were at death’s door to begin with, I’d think they’d be handing out pep pills like candy. Yet all we ever heard was crickets! Worse still, the most commonly used antidepressants, which like a quarter of the population are on (!), have as a common side effect metabolic syndrome, which leads to lower libido and…weight gain!

A Culture of Anesthetization

Our age’s drugs of choice, i.e. cannabis and the opioids, being depressants doesn’t help either. We have an arsenal of drugs that can enhance performance, to the extent they were probably decisive in the Blitzkrieg (Nazi Germany handed out Pervitin like candy, even giving housewives amphetamine-laced chocolates to pep them up!), and what does our society do with them? Toss them aside and promote dope that numbs you and puts you to sleep instead. Probably because we care nothing about the future, so what’s there to live for anyway? This culture of anesthetization is the prelude to the ultimate sleep, suicide, a leap which many people of the “opioid epidemic” have already made.

Chemical Assistance…

Stimulants are not an unalloyed good, obviously, but they should be used much more widely than they now are in my view. Indeed, even now it’s not just economic elites that are using them to positive effect. Steroids are thought to be widely used in Hollywood to enable male actors to get such lean ripped physiques on such short notice; sure, they get the best personal trainers and the like, but it’s pretty obvious a lot of them are also getting some chemical assistance. The same kind of regimen could make a lot more men a lot more physically attractive than they are now.

I’d also like to point out the corticosteroid dexamethasone makes girls fatter, curvier, and fairer-skinned, which has obvious advantages people (at least outside places like India, where they make most of the stuff…) are hardly taking advantage of at all. Steroids don’t just make the boys look better…

Additionally, I can’t help but suspect what kind of chemical assistance people in places like China are getting. It’s well known that Chinese schools feed their students herbs during epidemics to make them stronger; betcha the all-natural kind of herbs aren’t the only stuff they’re feeding them. Indeed, the hardcore crammers and exam-takers across East Asia have an air of the unnatural to them; if they were on drugs the whole time that would explain a lot! Hmm…

Similar Low-Hanging Fruit: Accutane for All who want It

As an aside, lethargy and obesity aren’t the only problems people face that can be solved with a pill we don’t let people use much. Acne, even in its “mild” varieties, is a widespread and hideous malady afflicting the youth, and isotretinoin, a.k.a. Accutane, is by far the most effective treatment available. A five-month course usually cures acne permanently. Yes, during the course there are side effects, but those can be managed. We are far too timid in using this stuff; teenagers need not suffer facial disfigurement just because they’re going through puberty. We have the power to cure them, and they should be encouraged to use it.

My Ideas are very Affordable!

Worth noting: none of these therapies are at all expensive. I believe the most expensive on the list is testosterone, which comes to $100 a month at most. These are all old drugs and cheap stuff, which goes a long way toward explaining why you never hear about this stuff from the big drug companies and their lackeys.

The corticosteroids in particular are extremely useful, being dubbed “the wonder drug” for a good reason (they’re arguably the most useful drugs to have in a medicine cabinet; the stuff can treat almost anything), but for ordinary Americans it’s like pulling teeth to even get some for an autoimmune disease, let alone to control the symptoms of a virus, so what chance do the lethargic legions have? For many Americans the first time they even heard of dexamethasone was when Donald Trump got a big shot of the stuff in 2020 for COVID-19. Embarrassingly, this seemed to include many journalists!

The Man who got a big Shot of Something was…Trump

Indeed, look at the boost the dexamethasone gave Donald Trump; he checked out of the hospital in a few days and spent the rest of the campaign in go-go-go mode furiously flitting from rally to rally across the country, which almost certainly helped his campaign and kept the race as close as it ended up being. I’ve always found it deliciously ironic that after intimating for months that Joe Biden would get a “big shot of something” to enhance his performance at the debates it ended up being Donald Trump himself who ended up getting “a big shot of something”! Must have been jealous…


I know it makes me sound like the old Nazi doctor from “A View to a Kill”, but I’m actually quite convinced more people need stimulation than are currently getting it. I agree with Brian T. Hoover in his Palladium piece: “Entrepreneurial brio and risk-tolerance are, like so many other products, increasingly Made in China. We could benefit from having more of the home-grown variety, even if it’s not Certified Organic.”

Yes, ideally people would be in a wholesome enough society and environment where they wouldn’t need this stuff, but we don’t live in that world; we don’t live in a perfect world. We have to work with the world we’ve got, and that’s one of the best tools we have in the box that we’re not using now on a mass scale. Besides, how can anyone build a better world if they don’t have any energy? If the artifice of modernity is sapping the life out of us and rendering us impotent lethargic vegetables, then pepping ourselves up artificially might be the only chance we have for a Certified Organic world, as paradoxical as that might seem.

An odd post, I know, but I’ve been kicking these thoughts around in my head for a long time, and I honestly do think a lot of men, possibly even most men, would be much better off if they got on a stimulant or testosterone regimen, quit trying to date as such, and found solace in girls they meet organically and girls whose time they pay for. Yet they don’t do it, because they’re convinced they have to be miserable. The truth is they don’t have to be, they shouldn’t have to be, and we have the tools to lift them up and give them a better life; I suggest we summon the courage to use them.

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