3 Replies to “Toward a Libertarian Artistic Movement”

  1. This is from last year, but you linked to it today as I’m writing this, so I’ll offer some thoughts.

    Objectivism gets deeper into the arts than generic libertarianism because it’s a full philosophy. Rand regarded aesthetics as one of the main branches of philosophy and published a book on it. Serious art requires more than just a view on politics. This isn’t to say there can’t be libertarian art, but it has to be more than just political to have any depth.

    There’s been a steady stream of libertarian-oriented science fiction ever since Heinlein. It’s always colored by the author’s overall philosophy. With _The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress_, that includes the idea that people can and must adapt to different conditions, and new kinds of social organization are a necessary part of it. There are new kinds of marriage, customs for trade and for handling emergencies, and so on.

    Songs can serve all kinds of purposes. They can call for action and point out grievances. They can applaud, mourn, or curse people. They can recount important events, keeping them in the popular memory. The best songs are more than propaganda; they get people to think and create a feeling that lasts. The music and the words contribute to the total effect. Their full intent may not be obvious at first. A song that is well written and well performed can have a lasting impact.

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