Fia After Opry Tower

In my yet-to-be-published story, “Orphans of Opry Tower”, a pair of teenage twin siblings are friends of the orphans, even living in the same tower as they do, and the close and nigh-exclusive relationship between the twins is disrupted when the brother, Fintan, brings home a Russian sweetheart from Malibu, causing the sister, Fia, to despair at how, at the ripe old age of 17 (yes, it’s silly, but it’s a quite common feeling, as a cursory search online will prove), she’s never even had a date yet or found any boys she’s even attracted to, and how her brother’s new beloved Katerina (nickname Katenka) has the sort of luscious curves she’s always so wanted for herself but that nature refused to give her.

If I have any seasoned readers, you know what that means: makeover time! With surgeries and procedures, to be precise. Indeed, near the end of “Orphans of Opry Tower” the orphans catch Katenka and Fintan escorting Fia to get her makeover on the South Coast of California.

This is in fulfillment of their promise to her that they’ll help her get the makeover she’s long wanted but put off due to it interfering in her competitive ballroom career at once, and once that’s done that they’d help her find a date and a beloved just like her brother has. What will all that look like?

Well, we don’t know from the story; these people are all side characters, and depicting Fia’s makeover and love life would be totally superfluous to the plot of the novel. However, there’s always room for a sequel, and this is a sequel hook I find particularly compelling. And not just because of the makeover hinted at. We also hear mention that Katenka has a nephew about the same age she is (i.e. about age 20) who relocated to Southern California (the Santa Barbara-Ventura area to be precise) to try to become a bigshot in the video gaming industry, which is how she ended up coming from Kamchatka to America in the first place: to be a good aunt for him in his new country. More on him later.

For Fia, she obviously has a long-suppressed desire to be a luscious maiden with a voluptuous body; I feel that she’s held off on fulfilling that, but she’ll figure that if she’s going to get such an extreme makeover done she might as well go all-in. All-in meaning a full slut makeover, fodder for one of my hottest story concepts yet.

She gets big breasts and big buttocks, not to mention a soft luscious hourglass waist, even more so than Katenka has, to the extent her breasts will almost look like they’re bursting out of proportion with the rest of her figure.

Substantial changes are made in her face too; she has it recontoured so it appears softer and rounder, her nose slimmed down and reshaped to a cute button nose, her eyes opened up to make them look bigger and more adorable, and her eyebrows lifted to make her look cuter. But the biggest change will come for her lips: really big and fulsome lips, what on another woman would be duckface, look magnificent on her, she’s told, because of the shape of her face; though it gives her pause at first, she ends up being bold enough to submits to that change too, and after her makeover comes to adore her kissable lips, the best feature of new Fia’s face.

On these lips are slathered luscious red lipstick, and her day-to-day makeup will, in true full slut form, be much heavier and more overtly sexy; she’ll even have a variety of circle lenses to give her different looks, but always bigger and more baby-eyed than her old self’s eyes were. She might toy with matching Katenka’s blue shade, but she just can’t resist an enhanced version of her natural green, the same as her twin brother’s.

Her hair undergoes the least change, but even it is dyed from her natural light blonde to an all-out platinum blonde shade, pigtails remaining her go-to style, but tied with cute bows rather than the little bands she had hitherto used. Beachy bangs will be mandatory (this is SoCal, remember?). Hair length will remain unchanged at classic length, i.e. around the bottom of the buttocks, since it’s an attractive and sexy length, and she’s maintained it there for many years (like many girls in this universe, her hair has literally never in her entire life been cut back shorter; it was allowed to grow out to its terminal length).

Capping off the changes to her face will be her getting a full set of porcelain veneers for her mouth, giving her already attractive smile an upgrade to a perfectly-formed pearly-white aesthetic. That’ll be subtle compared to the last big change to her visage: her piercings. From a girl who hadn’t so much as had an ear piercing before, she’ll get herself not only ear piercings, but also navel and tongue piercings, along with jewelry to adorn them all which she’ll always be wearing.

But the sluttiest and most drastic change of all will be her wardrobe. She will now always wear clothing that shows off all her breasts’ cleavage, always shows off her midriff, and always shows off her legs too, showing a lot of skin, and all of her assets simultaneously; even her arms will always be exposed. The cornerstone of new Fia’s wardrobe is tight sheer short-short-sleeve blouses that show off all her cleavage and are tied under her breasts, making them look like they’re about to explode outward, always a titillating look, especially with her midriff and its navel jewelry exposed beneath.

New Fia’s skirts are all cute, feminine, and brief, not even covering half of her new buttocks, leaving them peeking out and looking like they’re begging to be slapped by the nearest red-blooded young man. Her cardinal rule from now on: Fia will never wear skirts that are any longer than the height of her heels – 6 inches.

So committed and enthusiastic is the young girl that she’ll literally throw away every single costume and article of clothing that doesn’t fit her new dress code. Henceforth, she won’t have in her possession or have available to wear a single skirt longer than six inches (i.e. that doesn’t expose her butt), or a single blouse that doesn’t show all her cleavage, or a single blouse with longer than short-short sleeves, or a single garment that doesn’t show her entire midriff, or a single pair of shoes with a heel less than six inches high.

In a bit of a Victorian touch to this rather sultry bit of fiction, Fia’s skin tone will be maintained at her natural milk-white; when outside in the sun, she’ll have a full assortment of new parasols to wear, matching her new wardrobe, to protect her skin. Surrounding the sexed-up new her is a cloud of perfume, her new scent being much heavier and sultrier.

Her chest, now more magnificent than ever and drawing attention all the more, will be adorned, as always, with the heart-shaped locket that has her twin brother’s picture and a lock of his hair inside it. Her twin brother, at her and Katenka’s suggestion, got an armband made out of his beloved’s hair, so he could still keep Fia close to his heart even as he honored his love for Katenka. Might Fia do the same thing with her beloved, when she gets one?

And yes, contrary to what she might suspect, it’s a question of when, not if. For Katenka’s nephew isn’t some screen-staring dweeb (try saying that phrase out loud…) that his station as a member of the video gaming industry would suggest. No, he turns out to be a recreational bodybuilding type with a totally awesome body, a face that gives Fia the tingles, and he has another passion for submarines, diving, and underwater adventurism, endeavors such as going to underwater caves, exploring shipwrecks, and the like, which all figure heavily into the video games he makes at his entrepreneurial endeavor.

They have the hots for each other almost immediately, but when he takes her hand and shows her his underwater life (she dives with him to these places; think those famous shimmering saltwater caverns), she’ll fall for him like a ton of bricks. So much so that I’m thinking she might lose her virginity to him in one of those submersibles or at least underwater. Her outfits make the physical act of love ridiculously easy; all he need to is sit her down on him and start rocking her world.

As if subconsciously preparing to be initiated into womanhood (Gothic vibes leaking over from the orphans’ tale?), even before she meets him Fia will complete her slut look by putting herself, as part of her makeover, on a program where little bells, dangling from her barely-there skirts, will make pleasant soft chimes as she moves and walks; quite erotic. Most erotic of all, though, are vibrating Ben Wa balls she has inserted down there (controlled by a remote), kept there all day every day unless (and until) she’s having sex with someone, making her mood hot and slutty all the time, since she keeps herself sexually teased. Imagine how enthusiastic her man will be about that when he finds out…

Indeed, her man is enthusiastic about her whole slutty image, from her half-exposed buttocks to her bared midriff to her cleavage, not to mention those delightfully long legs, particularly when it comes to rocking that image all the time, turning heads everywhere she goes. I’m thinking he might be much the same way, favoring going shirtless wherever he can get away with it. As early as their first date I’m thinking her man will take the liberty of patting her on the bum to send her off, which makes her super hot, as much because of how bold he was as the sheer thrill of the act itself; she never felt that way toward any man before. Not helping matters will be how her bare buttocks sitting on his lap makes her feel beforehand when he guides her to sit on his lap.

They’re so hot for each other and so compatible, in a culture like the alternate history they live in it’s guaranteed that marriage and children will come swiftly. It’s never the same as when you’re pure and childless, but she will continue her competitive ballroom passion with her twin brother as much as she can, with full support of her new husband, and his new wife, ensuring that they will all live happily ever after. Well, at least until the next adventure…

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